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tv   Fox 5 News at Ten  FOX  October 30, 2013 10:30pm-11:30pm EDT

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alonzo's pierce's body in the trunk. i mean, all i had to do was call a tow truck. i'm gonna make it even easier for you. i'm gonna tell you exactly what that little bitch, alonzo, did. tell me. you know i seen a lot of cheats in my time. but last night, (sighs) that was different. i don't know exactly what this guy and my dealer had going on, but i knew the grift was on. it had to be, 'cause nobody's that lucky. see, in the old days, vegas, when guys like sam braun used to run the town, we would've put this guy in a car, done a little carpentry on him. he would've given it up. town's changed. not for the better. right, more civilized now. you whack guys in the alley. i didn't tell him to whack the guy. i just told him to get the cash back and put a little healthy fear of god in him before he put him on the trailways bus. so alonzo killed sikes on his own initiative? and he stole the cash. believe that?
10:35 pm
i don't know what to believe anymore, bobby. i mentored him, and he turns around, this little bitch, and he doesn't have the cojones to look me in the eye and tell me the truth? he has to make up some bs story about he didn't kill him. he just roughed him up, and he put the cash away for safekeeping. i'm not gonna lie to you, i-i would've whacked him anyway, alonzo, but that's because he stole from the house. that's a matter of honor. old vegas. damn straight. see, you and me, we're on opposite sides of the table, but i know that right here, we're on the same page. i'm gonna ask you a favor. what's that? put in a good word for me at sentencing.
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i'd like to get sent up to carson city... with the old boys. men of honor. done. heard you caught a case with day shift. (chuckles) yeah, lucky me. seems to be case closed. right. homicide, guy's luck ran out in the alley. yeah, the casino pit boss sent one of his goons after the guy. the goon kills him, takes the money, and then he stashes it in a stereo speaker and then pawns it. now, why am i doing this? this day shift guy, yeager, really wants this solve, he should be the one finishing up the paperwork. your victim was stabbed multiple times, wasn't he? yeah, why? i don't know, i'm just looking at the timestamps on these photos. so, the security goon gets his orders from the pit boss at 2:48 a.m.? yeah, and then the goon follows him to the alley
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and kills him around 3:00. what are you seeing? you know, what about the clothes? doesn't this look like the same suit, same shirt, same tie? oh, my god, you're right. guy stabs him 12 times, and he doesn't have a single drop of blood on his clothes. yeager still hasn't gotten his solve. sanders: hey, morgan, i've been looking for you. so your security guard didn't kill sikes. yeah, i know. what, hodges told you about the bullet? what bullet? the metal fragment we found in sikes' wound track. we thought it was the tip of the knife, but it turns out it's from a bullet. i thought he was stabbed. now you're saying he was shot? yeah, twice. (two gunshots) and then the killer used the knife to dig out the bullets, and then proceeded to stab him ten more times. to throw us off track. well, that's where he made his mistake. doc thought he recognized the wound pattern, so i did some checking, found an open case from two years ago, same pattern. drug informant was murdered. person of interest was a luis delgado.
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had ties to the mala noche drug cartel in miami. the letters in blood. "d.e." he was trying to spell "delgado." i-i just... i don't get it. why is a big-time gangster wasting time with a nobody like jeremy sikes? i have an idea about that. turns out, a month ago, delgado walked in on a robbery at his house. he got shot, and his girlfriend called it in. you think sikes was the robber. i do, and the dea has had delgado under surveillance. check out this photo. he's wearing the same ring that sikes pawned at ruby's. where is delgado now? owns a strip club off of flamingo. ♪ luis delgado?
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i hope these gentlemen are up to date with their carry permits. what do you want, detective? i'm the bearer of good news. you recognize him? his name is jeremy sikes. no. should i? the guy died two nights ago. two shots in the back, bullets dug out. sound familiar? this is the guy who robbed your house. i didn't file any police report. yeah, well, we recovered this item, pawned by sikes. that's my ring. yeah, well, no police report, i can't return it to you. even in prison. i think you have me mistaken for somebody else, detective. you say he was killed two nights ago? you see, my mother, she's very sick. two nights ago, i was staying with her. i can prove it. i mean, you can prove it. so the jury's in; luis delgado is a beautiful son. dea surveillance just alibied him out. okay, but that doesn't mean that he didn't get one of his own guys to do it for him. that's true, but the rep on delgado is that he's very hands-on.
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so where does this leave us? i think we have the right motive, but the wrong person. so, kristi holt and luis delgado both talked about sikes breaking into their houses, and in both cases, they walked in on him. what if they weren't the only ones? maybe another homeowner walks in on sikes, gets a good look at him when he's in their house, two nights ago sees him again in the alley, after he was rolled by alonzo pierce. i think we have to pull more case files. yeah, i agree. go back to the pawnshop. see what else jeremy sikes pawned for cash. ♪
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okay, what do we got? 22 items from ruby's pawn shop, all pawned by jeremy sikes in the last six months. and all of them can be traced forensically back to five b-and-es, including the break-ins at kristi holt's and luis delgado's. brody: these aren't your ordinary b-and-es. in all five cases, the homeowners walked in on the robbery. according to this, walked into a bullet. yeah, well, five b-and-es, four murders and one attempted. only delgado escaped death. so what are we supposed to believe? this jeremy sikes is just one unlucky burglar? i thought we agreed that luck wasn't a player here. no, the shootings weren't an accident, and the robberies were cover stories. remember how kristi holt left her husband's watch off of the insurance claim? well, the same goes for all of these homeowners. yeager: 22 items stolen, and not one of them reported by the victims' survivors? i mean, personally, i... we think that it's payment for services rendered. i agree. we had a case like this up in seattle.
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low-rent hit man for hire ring. advertised in the personals. called themselves "problem solvers." they're pretty good, too. flew under the radar for a long time. so how'd you bust them? caught a break. turned out one of the hit men was a coke addict. burned through his money, started shooting off his mouth, i guess he became a liability. 'cause the head guy decided to hit the hit man. so jeremy sikes became a liability. only instead of blow, it was blackjack. brody: all this loot, he should've been flush, but instead, he was living on the streets with his last $200. sounds like a liability to me. one that the broker decided to eliminate by framing delgado. the only question is: who's the broker? kristi, in addition to your husband's watch, we also recovered these other items that were stolen by jeremy sikes. the... the man who broke into my house. and murdered your husband, simon. russell: that's roughly, we figure, about $5,000 worth right there.
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that's an awful lot of valuable stuff to forget to report, don't you think? (sighs) listen, we know that you... you bought this watch for simon for your... your anniversary, right? but you did not buy this bracelet for him. someone else did. another woman. brody: we traced the purchase back to a... tiana lee. oh, come on, kristi, we understand. i mean... you're working two jobs, right? and you're still in debt because simon spends the money as fast as you can make it. what happened? you came back from work one night, he wasn't there. he was out again. then he shows up. maybe he's drunk. and you ask him, "where were you? what were you doing?" maybe he hits you. maybe he does that a lot. and then, one day, someone, a friend,
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suggests a solution. and all you can think about is getting rid of that pain, all that sadness. look, kristi... we know that, in your heart, you are not a killer. and that you... you feel guilty about all of this. but this is your chance to get rid of some of that guilt. by telling us the truth right now. kristi: but you're right. about simon. about the friend. that person gave me an e-mail address of a broker. i was told to follow instructions. they were going to make it look like a robbery, and i was told to leave certain items off the report.
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to pay the hit man. i wasn't lying when i said that i never met the guy. him just... sitting at my table and going on that insane run was just... dumb luck? what about the broker? i paid $5,000 up front, and they set up a meet. you remember where? at a pawnshop. oh. is this the guy that you paid? no. i think he runs the place. the broker's a woman. older. she said she hangs out there. (cell phone ringing) russell. when? what now? somebody just went into ruby's pawn shop, shot the place up. [ male announcer ] when you came into this world, you tumbled in headfirst. all arms and legs, looking everywhere, moving everywhere. ♪ you went where your eyes and ears took you.
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mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. brody: akers, what the hell happened? according to ms. banks, two armed men entered. they were looking for something. she doesn't know what. they shot her son, kyle. took her other son, zeke. okay. thanks. (crying)
10:51 pm
who would do something like this? i don't know. but i think you do. excuse me? kristi holt gave you up. we know jeremy sikes worked for you as a hit man, and we have a pretty good idea how you terminated his employment. what is wrong with you people? my son is lying there dead, and now they've got my other boy, zeke. ruby, it's over. i didn't kill sikes. but i know who did-- it was delgado. i mean, the word on the street is it's his signature. two shots to the back, bullets dug out. sikes even tried to write delgado's name. that is one hell of a story. but word on my street is that you're a sociopath. you're the one who killed jeremy sikes... (two gunshots) ...and framed delgado. brody: and you know exactly who came here and why. if you don't come clean, you're going to lose another son. come on, ruby. we know how much you love your boy. okay, you're right. i killed sikes, but... my boys didn't know anything about the side business. sikes stole this cigar box from delgado,
10:52 pm
and it wasn't even worth anything-- it was a few hundred bucks-- but what was inside was worth a lot more. it was 100 grand in heroin. where are the drugs? i sold them. but delgado's guys don't know this. zeke, he wanted to protect me, so he lied to them. he said he knew what they wanted and he would take them to it. when delgado finds out that he lied, he's going to kill him. (indistinct chatter) back again so soon? where's the kid, delgado? what kid? i know you got him in some basement, beating the hell out of him, but he doesn't know anything. you're not going to get your drugs back because his mother has already sold them. they're gone. are you going to make me ask you again? where is he?! hey. i think you need to start showing me a little more respect.
10:53 pm
this is my house. yeah, right. look, your lapdog is going to mess on the rug. if he doesn't get his hand off his gun... or... what are you going to do about it? (patrons screaming) (man groaning) now that i have your attention... you tell me where the kid is, and we all go home. or we all got to die sometime. you're new in town, so here's your play. here's what the guys in vegas used to say-- in the old vegas: it's your house, it's your rules. you got that right.
10:54 pm
i think you got yourself a fan. (chuckles) no, he just likes the way i handle power tools. no, i wasn't talking about him. oh. well, congratulations. you got your solve. no. you take it. i mean, you earned it. i'll catch the next one. maybe i'll catch it with you. i'll see you around. yeah. this is nice. i'm glad you could finally get a night off. you should thank finn. she's covering for me. you have a... a great group of people here, d.b. they work so well together, and they're like a family. you should feel good about that. i do. charlie-- has he made any decisions yet? no. not yet.
10:55 pm
and what about you? what's going on? this last trip to seattle, i made a pilgrimage to that neighborhood that we used to love to drive through, with the house on the hill, with the view. i remember. we used to fantasize walking up to the front door, knocking and asking if they would sell it to us. i did that. and they're an older couple, and they're very open to the idea. okay, don't look at me like that. well... you're serious? we have a house-- here. we've talked about this before. you can't do this job forever. and i don't want to wait forever for this house. where's this coming from? i'm worried about you. i think... i think this job is getting to you. it's not. i'm fine.
10:56 pm
i don't believe that. well, i'm fine. i'm sorry. come here. my work here isn't done yet, but when it is, when that day comes, you and i will go back up to seattle, and we'll... we'll both knock on that door together. i promise. i accept. captioning sponsored by cbs,c.s.i. productions, and toyota. captioned by media access group at wgbh
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>> our channel # news crew under attack. see what happened ♪ [ male announcer ] maybe you've already heard what they're saying about the nissan altima. ♪ and we have to admit, that it's all true. but don't just take their word for it, check it out for yourself. the award-winning nissan altima. nissan. innovation that excites. now get a $179 per month lease on a 2013 nissan altima. ♪
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>> [ inaudible ] >> you can't do that, please. >> [ bleep ] >> wait, no. >> i'm going to taze you.
10:59 pm
[ inaudible ] >> wow, our channel 9 news crew under attack as we investigated a deadly situation out in southeast washington. but first some breaking news. a deadly shooting involving two police officers at a homeless shelter. >> the officers were called to the ellen or kennedy shelter to break up a fight and hours later investigators are still trying to figure out what happens. ken molistina is there. so kenny, what do you know? >> reporter: well we know that the gunfire came from one of those officers, which one of the two, we don't know. we know they shot and killed a man who they say charged at them who was involved in the brawl. police are still out here. this is a massive scene, only a couple of steps away from the ft. dell voir tilly grace -- ft. belvoir tilly gate. and they tell us this is an example of a bad situation that
11:00 pm
turned worse within seconds. >> they were out here fighting and then i heard a shot came out. >> i heard three gunshots. >> this couple live across from the kennedy shelter and know it very well. at one point they lived in the shelter now turned crime scene. >> we know crisis people here and we're worried about those people. >> reporter: according to police, a brawl had broken out at the shelter. once police got here, investigators say one of the men in the fight charged the officers, hitting one of them. that is when one of the two police officers pulled out his gun and shot him. the man was taken to a nearby hospital where he later died. >> i don't know why he was at this location and i can tell you that it was an adult male. >> reporter: fairfax detectives say it is too soon to tell if the man lived here and they are trying to figure out how many shots fired and which one of the responding officers fired the gun. >> we have all kinds of walks of life in there. >> reporter: and what led up to this, that is still a mystery.
11:01 pm
>> it was to police cars and then an ambulance and then everybody started coming all at one time. >> reporter: so back out live here. of course the big question tonight is whether this was a justified shooting on behalf of the police. that is a question that the investigators will try and get to the bottom of. we don't think that answer will come tonight. again internal affairs and criminal investigations bureau is out here, everyone trying to sort this out together. >> and what about the residents that live at the shelter, are they being allowed back in tonight? >> reporter: that is a good question. no one is coming out of the shelter, and no one is going in. let me show you what i'm talking about. this is one of the city buses they brought in to temporarily house residents that were trying to get inside and they can't go in because this is a active crime scene and they'll be here for a few hours. the folks inside are considered
11:02 pm
witnesses so all of them are having to give their statements and account of what happened out here. clearly we haven't seen the end of this. this will continue overnight. we hope to know more tomorrow. >> kenny, thank you very much. >> and now we want to catch you up on the big stories today. >> here is today's headlines in 90 seconds. >> today three senior nfl executives passed off to dan snyder from the oneida. >> let's clear, this is not about the owner dan snyder, this is a civil rights issue which makes it an issue for the nfl. >> i told the president we were ready to no, obviously i was rob. >> kathleen sebelius said computer specialists working 24- 7 to get together. >> i apologize to you. i'm responsible.
11:03 pm
>> the nsa spiedond cardinals when they were electing a new pope. if that was true, it would be a blow to the top secret organization. >> and mar yes joined the academy school of law and others fighting to post revenge porn online. >> michael carter was charged with peeping into windows and watching women who were alone. police say he targeted ground level apartments with lights on and women between the ages of 20-50 years old. >> well the gum who broke into a -- the gunman who broke into a south d.c. home are still loose today. >> some victims were assaulted and one man sexually assaulted and police are not saying if
11:04 pm
anything was stolen. that is not the end of the story. >> not by a long shot. bruce johnson and photographer danielle gill were covering this tragic situation when they were assaulted by a woman that came out of the house in question. the story in their own words. >> you do what you always do. you show up, you start knocking on doors. at some point in it time you knock on the door of the residence where this supposedly happened and a young woman raises the window, get away from here, we're not telling you anything. we did it, but every other station, the same thing, she would come to the window and get away so obviously frustrated. >> this lady could have been one of the victims inside, so this has not been a good day. >> tell me what happened here. >> goodbye. >> at some point and time we are on the sidewalk. we're getting the shot of the person delivering male. a woman comes through the window and yells some other things. >> i saw her up there yelling
11:05 pm
and i had a gut feeling that she might come out. >> and the next thing you know she's coming out of the front door and has maze -- mace in her hand and get the bleep, bleep out of here. >> and she took danielle and the camera try pod and me to the ground. and there is a punch thrown. >> i got it. we're gone. we're gone. >> did you take any of the pepper spray? >> i got a little bit on the side of my face. so i didn't feel it at that time and later when we were coming back i said why is my face burning. >> i've never been swung on. threatened many times. but you've been out there too. it is part of the job. when you go and knock on the door, after something tragic has happened, you never know what is on the other side, and wusa 9 is not pressing charges but police may take a look at the tape and they may decide to pursue charges in the case.
11:06 pm
we still don't know the name of the woman. >> in fairfax county, police think they have finally caught up with the peeping tom who has been spying on women for the past three years now. the man they've arrested is named 40-year-old michael mccarter of woodbridge and police believe he targeted women in ground-level apartments mostly around the kingstowne area and they say he would commit sex acts while peering into the windows. >> it is scary to think that all of us become vulnerable in that time and place. i hope that maybe they might be able to do something to keep him -- get him some treat. >> for now mccarter faces only three criminal counts but that number could grow. jan. >> tonight joe biden is apologizing that obamacare -- was not ready to go on october 1st. and kathleen sebelius faced
11:07 pm
some angry lawmakers. she did blame the slowness on the site with the problems of a verizon server but said ultimately she was the one responsible. we received an internal government memo sayingin secure testing on website but still recommends an october 1st launch. >> you have exposed millions of americans because you all, according to your memo, believed it was an acceptable risk. >> we're working day and night -- >> she said the memo did authorize further security testing and consumer information is secure and promises the problems with will be fixed. >> and today time magazine, another glitch on how americans could miss out on obamacare subsidies in 2014. according to this article, those americans dropped from current coverage are now getting letters saying they will automatically be enrolled
11:08 pm
in coverage complaint with the affordable health care act unless they don't want it. but it will subsidize the cost if they qualify. >> and obamacare glitches have small co-ops scrambling. they are part of the affordable care act to give compensation -- competition rather. these companies fear most of the people enrolled will be the sickest and most motivated and that means they could raise health premiums. they call that the jet spiral in the industry insurance and they say if that case the health care act motto would not survive. >> and from the wall street journal, susan sommers calls it a socialist ponzi scheme. she watched the canadian health care and her limitations with her husband's family and she was startled to see the cover of a canadian magazine showing
11:09 pm
a picture of a dog on a table saying your dog could get better health care than you. >> to more, go to our website at derek. >> well another day, another scandal for the nsa. today's, the washington post is reporting the intelligence agency has been secretly breaking into the information that yahoo and google had their hands on, or are they? and what is this all about the pope? debra alfarone breaking it down for us right now. >> reporter: it is a case of they said, he said. he being nsa director general keith alexandria. >> there was an allegation last june that nsa was tapping into the servers ofia hoo or google or industry reps. that is factually incorrect. >> it is a long roll of allegations. so who to believe? we're keeping score. >> next, the pope.
11:10 pm
an italian magazine said that the nsa listened in on phone calls at the vatican and may have known who the new pope was even before the world did. but the vatican said they are not too concerned with that. so now to all of the heads of state. european lawmakers want answers. they were at the white house today trying -- wanting to know if they've been spied on too. >> spying is not something easily tolerable if it doesn't have a clear purpose. >> reporter: but what about german chancellor angelica merkel, reports say yes. but the nsa director general said this. >> there are intelligence services that receive requirements to go after what is in their nation's interest. >> so that looks like a no. on capitol hill today top intelligence leaders say spying on foreign leaders and even your friends is a given and we should expect the same. debra alfarone, wusa 9. >> bob barker is returning to the price is right. that story in just a minute. >> plus you see him every week
11:11 pm
on csi, but tonight we catch up with an actor who grew up here in our town and he has become a voice for the dissable -- disabled. we'll have the story after the break. >> and there is a woman who is taking all of the fun out of halloween. hear what she is planning to do when trick-or-treaters come knocking on her door. >> a lot of trick-or-treaters are excited for this forecast. it calls for rain-free and mild temperatures. here is a look at your wakeup weather. in the 50s to start your day, vo: "wrong" "too extreme" "senseless" meet the tea party ticket. together waging "ideological crusades" to ban abortion even in the case of rape and incest. cuccinelli and obenshain even sponsored legislation the post says could
11:12 pm
ban birth control pills. and all three oppose comprehensive background checks to keep guns out of the hands of criminals and the dangerously mentally ill. a tea party ticket - wrong for virginia families. independence usa pac sponsored this ad.
11:13 pm
>> how do you celebrate your 90th birthday? if you are bob barker, you make an appearance on the price of right. that is right. back on the game he hosted for 35 years. the appearance will be on tv december 12th, that is his actual birthday. he returned in 2007 and turned the reins over to drew carey. he's only appeared on the show one other time and that was for the release of his memoirs. >> come on down. >> i think that is the right show. maybe not. >> it is the most watched show in the world and it is a prime time hit for cbs. >> that's right. csi has been on the air for 13 years and just last week the show celebrated its 300th episode. >> can you believe it? >> i love it and we caught up
11:14 pm
with one of the actors in d.c. who has been there since the beginning. >> i thought it was let's make a deal. >> he played a doctor, cutting bodies and finding evidence. >> that is somewhat i do. i have to learn these ten syllable medical words and look like i know what i'm talking about. >> and he does. he spent time in hospitals. years ago he nearly lost his life when an 18-wheeler plowed into his car and the gas tank exploded and more than 65% of his body was burned. the truck driver was drunk. >> and i've walked on artificial limbs since that time. >> he made a career in radio and acting while adjusting to life with two artificial legs. >> [ singing ] >> wednesday night he came back to washington to host the hra gala awards.
11:15 pm
>> and every year they honor somebody with spirit and accomplishments that are inspiring people. >> to use as a platform to tell his story and he feels a responsibility to deliver a tough message. >> i used to be a little bit softer and now some kid with a disability tells me i want to be in showbiz, i tell them, then you better get good and study hard. because nobody is going to hire you just because your a cute person with a disability. they are going to hire you because you have the chops and the skills. >> and that helps him in his long-standing role on one of the most successful primetime shows in the world. >> i try in my own act orally way to understand what i'm doing. and i must look like somebody's idea of a coroner because its worked for 14 years. >> this year's honoree included
11:16 pm
boston marathon runners and a 5- year-old who overcame a serious brain injury that happened two years ago. he received his award in december of 2011. >> and now the news where you live. and we begin in arlington where firefighters had to rescue two workers from scaffolding that malfunctioned and went vertical. that spill sent one man into the safety net and the other fellow dangling by his safety harness. crews used the ladder truck to pluck them from the site. >> school officials learned about cyber bullying. and a photo was taken without the person's knowledge and they did not disclose the punishment, and according to
11:17 pm
the handbook, it could range from dispull shun and other things. >> 200,000 gallons of wastewater drains into a local creek. there is no damage to your water because the water and sewage systems are separate. >> what would you do if you took your child trick or treating and a woman says your child is a fatty. >> this woman called a radio station said he plans to hand owl camera to some kid -- hand out camera to some kids and not to others. the note says your child is moderately obese. there is no sugar coating obesity. but is it this woman's place to say anything. a doctor said this could be damaging to kids and so he posted it on our facebook page and we cot hundreds of -- got
11:18 pm
hundreds of comments. raider said it is one night. who are you to be the judge on weight. get a life. >> and another person said she should give out healthy treats to all of the children. can you imagine the ridicule they'll be facing when their friends get a treat and they get a letter. another person said she needs to mind her own business who has no life and needs to get one. leave these kids alone on lien. >> go over to the wusa 9 facebook page and opine. >> you know what, i remember there was all somebody in the neighbor that would give out money, like pennies, because they ran out of candy. >> the people i didn't like were the fruit people. who are the people with the fruit? >> they want you to be healthy. >> they are just making us mad. >> the greatest thing i can
11:19 pm
give you is a forecast. so we'll start off with a look at the michael and soon weather cam. we have a knew clouds over the national mall. it is 57 degrees at reagan national. the winds are calm. that means we don't have any wind out there at the moment. the dew point is 54, which is a little on the high side. we might see a little bit of fog overnight. and the clouds on the increase and this looks menacing but this won't move through until thursday night. i don't think this cluster during the thursday morning rush will materialize. but there is the potential for a few showers early in the morning. and then just clouds as kids head oust of the door for trick or treat at 6:00 p.m. and as they are wrapping up, the showers will start to approach. they don't move through until the overnight. this is what it will look like tomorrow at this time. starting to see the showers, maybe even pockets of heavy rain developing to the north of the beltway. thunderstorms are possible for
11:20 pm
the friday morning commute. so overnight tonight, party to mostly cloudy. it will be fairly mild. 50-55. winds out of the so many east at 5-10 miles per hour. i think once the prize starts it will scour out the foggy spots, so as you are waking up on thursday, partly cloudy skies and breezy in the morning with the temperatures in the 50s and 60s. winds out south at 5 -- 5-15 but they pick up in the afternoon. and your 9 weather alert will be green on thursday. and i wanted to give you look at your spooky forecast. a prosecutor possible, 64-69 and think it will be dry for the kids for trick or treating. a yellow alert fon friday with a high of 72 and then on saturday it will turn cooler and breezy with a high of 65. in the first alert seven-day forecast, 57 on sunday when you
11:21 pm
turn those clocks back. it will stay dry through the rest of the workweek as you are heading back and 59 degr
11:22 pm
i'm mark herring, candidate for sponsored this ad.nd i vo: this is what mark obenshain called a "common sense
11:23 pm
proposal." obenshain voted to force women to have a transvaginal ultrasound in order to have an abortion. called "intrusive," "medically unnecessary," and "government rape." the virginian-pilot said obenshain used the power of government to do something grotesque. and now he wants to be attorney general? mark obenshain: a real threat to virginia women.
11:24 pm
>> for about 90 minutes today the oneida indian nation presented their evidence on the redskins name change. dan snyder was not there. it comes one day after snyder said he wouldn't budge on keeping the nickname. in a statement from the nfl, today's meeting was a part of on going dialogue about learning and listening. the oneida reps say they are not done fighting. >> we are somewhat disappointed that they continue to defend the use of the slur and it really does require us to redouble our efforts when it comes to thissish -- issue.
11:25 pm
>> and on friday 1:10 friday night and it is called what is your name. mike wise participated and as did eleanor holmes norton. all of those present were in support of a change. >> when you unpack it and you hear it in the context that many of us grew up hearing it, you know that that is hate speech. there is nothing ambiguous about it. it is understood to be hate speech and it is intended as hate speech. >> there are individuals who don't agree with us and that is fine. they are the exception that proves the rule. but the overwhelming majority of native people are -- want an end to this and want an end to it now. >> fans do not yet distinguish the name from the team. so when you say -- so when you say the name, they think of the team and what it all represents
11:26 pm
and they all meld and converge together. >> and john wall back healthy to start the season, getting things going with a double- double. 11 points, 12 assists. and ariza, 28 points for the wiz, but the detroit pistons were better. they beat the wiz 113-102. >> and world series game 6 was all red sox. shane victorino with a based clearing triple off the green monster. red sox win #-1, and they win the world [ male announcer ] want to upgrade your entertainment?
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